5 Things You Must Know

1. Stability - Most of the existing penny auction scripts out there can not handle a load of 50 users at one time actively bidding.  The site would  freeze up and the server has to be restarted.  A good way to lose your customers.  Now you know the problem but how do you tested it before you buy it?  Well, that is easy said than done.  You either have to have 50 people, the more is the merrier,  to help you logged in with 50 accounts and actively bidding it or you can buy a testing  software that simulates the test.  We recommended that you begin your testing at 50 users and increase it until it breaks.   If it can handle about 300 ccu (concurrent users), then it's a good software.  We do offer this service for you free of charge if you requested or you can buy the testing software script from us for $195.00.

2. Security - Once your website is identified by or under the radar of the online hackers and thieves; they will try to break into your system.  The problem with most Save Big Auction or scripts out there is that they were not built or equipped to handle this sort attacks.  Most of these cheap scripts are cloned by one cheap source code by one armature programmer who wants to make a quick buck to the next.  It is not that hard to go online and purchased a $49 penny auction script with full open source code and then relabeling as your own.  Not only your software need to built with security in mind but also the server that host your website needs to be setup by people who know how.

3. Scalability - If you business grew, it's most likely that you will need to expand your website's capacity to handle such growth.  This means that you need a system that is scalable...allowing you to add more features and designs at ease without having to redo the whole thing or having to take it off line for months for the upgrade.

4. Technical Support - Unless you have an IT team consists of coder, designer and server expert; you will need tech support here and there.  There is no software out there that built to last forever especially with all the constant updates being done by so many third parties software that you have no control over.  Your website may work perfectly today with the Internet Explorer 9 but it may not be so when the version 10 is released.  You got my point.

5. Business Expert - Believe it or not, running a penny auction website is not as easy as one would like to be.  Those failed to plan is planned to fail.  We have seen plenty.  There are tricks and tips that you will need in order to run it effectively and profitable or you can learn it a hard way.   Work with a firm or a mentor that have this sort of experience to help you in the early phase.